Poems on Infertility and Loss






I’ll forever be empty

Like a chalice gathering dust

In pieces on the floor

Where someone dropped it and left it— shattered

Too shattered to ever hold water



Like one end of an hourglass

Watch as the time drops away

Grain by grain—

See her life drain



Like the nest she left so young

The one she destroyed

Tumbling from branches on high—

Watch her fly


On empty

Like a starving child’s belly

So hungry for love

We can feed her with hope

But part of her will always be



Like this womb meant to give life

That will stay waiting so still

A tomb nothing fills






© Sarah Ann Henderson 2016






When you find you’re infertile

There’s no place to mourn


There’s nowhere to bury children that will never exist

There’s no funeral to be held

For the death of hopes and dreams


There’s no name for a mother

Who was never a mother


When you grieve the child you’ll never have

You grieve alone


The only grave site

Is the empty place in your womb

Something you carry, always


The grief and anger grow

Like the baby that will never live there


And sometimes you nurture them

For there’s nothing else in your body

To nurture


© Sarah Ann Henderson 2017



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