A Poem on Grief



The Shapeshifter


Grief is eternal

Like energy, it cannot be destroyed

Only transformed

Grief is a shapeshifter

From disbelief

To terror

To rage

To agony

To relief

To begging

To resignation

To normality


All at once

Grief can strike like lightning

A single, sudden event

That spreads its fiery forks across your life

In an instant


Grief can grow like kudzu

So slowly you don’t even notice the green tendrils snaking

Attaching themselves to your walls

Until your life is choked off

By the leaves

Grief begins as a parasite

That sucks the life out of us

To survive, we must become symbiotic, synergistic

We must learn to live with grief

Not in spite of it

We must face it

Feel it

Touch it

Embrace it

And know

That we can shift through our



© Sarah Ann Henderson 2016

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