This Poem Gets Real, Quick

This poem has in it real things people have said to me when they find out my story, especially some of the more violent aspects. I’ve gotten some weird responses over the years. The things that are said to me are real. My responses, except for the very last one, are things I wish I had said.


Strange Things People Have Said To Me When They Find Out I have Been Raped


You ask me,

How are you even standing up right?


I say,

I was raped, not murdered

I’m still alive


You ask me,

How are you even forming coherent sentences?


I say,

He put a knife to my throat

But he didn’t cut

I still have a voice


You seem amazed that I’m not more broken

Would you feel better if I were still bleeding?

Still screaming?

Still sobbing?

Would that help you make sense of the evil people commit against each other?


You say,

Your story is one of redemption


I say,

You must be talking about the perpetrators

Because only sinners need redemption

And in this case

I didn’t do anything wrong


You say,

I didn’t know the depths of grace until I knew your story


I say,

I didn’t either


© Sarah Ann Henderson 2016

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