PTSD Awareness Month: Final Poems

Thank you all for following me through PTSD Awareness Month as I try to create more understanding around the issue of trauma and it’s aftermath. These last two poems have a bit more of an empowered tone, and the last one was written quite recently. I hope you’ve enjoyed or at least gained some new insight from reading this month’s posts. I appreciate each one of you who takes the time to visit.





The echoes of trauma are hollow and deep

The penetrate even the most peaceful sleep


I wish for the day I will hear them no more

When they won’t come knocking on my bedroom door


I thought I was over this, thought I was done

Thought I’d beaten the trauma, thought I had won


But it’s back to haunt me, filling my dreams

With more rape and more terror, more silent screams


Why is this happening, where’d I go wrong?

I thought I was doing the right things all along


And yet it is back, toying with my fear

The echoes of trauma so loud in my ear


And all that I know to do in response

Is do my best not to give in to its taunts


To go back to therapy, listen to what’s true

And remember that I am stronger than YOU


© Sarah Ann Henderson 2011





The Other Side


There’s a kind of victim cycle

The experts never talk about


Not victims who become victims

Or victims who victimize


It’s the victims who grow to help other victims

A cycle of healing, not hurting


What the experts don’t tell you is that once you’re a victim

You are inextricably tied to every other victim


In that intangible yet undeniable way

That only shared experience can create


It’s like this horrible club that you never wanted to belong to

But once you’re in it, you’re so glad you’re not alone


In this club we share the most holy words of comfort

One victim can offer another: Me too

We share words of encouragement and empowerment


Some victims dedicate their whole lives

To the plight of other victims


So as the cycle of suffering continues

Let us remember that right alongside that is a cycle of healing


As people choose to use their pain to help others in pain

Or to prevent that pain from ever happening


As we stand together in our shared experience

We are stronger than the violence


Our voice will overcome the silence

And someday there will be more healing than pain


© Sarah Ann Henderson 2017



For I know the plans I have for you,” declares the LORD, “plans to prosper you and                                      not to harm you, plans to give you hope and a future.

Jeremiah 29:11

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